The Koehr Consulting Group provides multi-discipline engineering, project management, and operations consulting services to address the needs of non-profit, government, and industry customers


Non-profit associations are driven by a higher purpose and mission, but association impact may be limited without sustainable business operations; associations must balance between the mission and the reality of business.

Non-profits served include 501(c)3 and 501(c)6 associations, technical societies, membership organizations, and trade organizations.


Government program and technical managers tasked with advancing technology from basic research through commercialization must ensure they are good stewards of public funding and that projects lead to measurable impact.

Government served includes U.S. Federal agencies, regulators, and national laboratories.


Key industries are undergoing significant changes including application of emerging technology promising efficiency and productivity improvements. Industry has a constant need for effective project management and coordination of multi-discipline engineering activities.

Industries served include power, oil & gas, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, telecommunications, defense.

Koehr Consulting Group

Leveraging multi-discipline technical knowledge and cross-industry relationships to help customers solve challenges and achieve objectives.

Our Methodology

The Koehr Consulting Group applies a unique combination of diverse industry experience and technology expertise to solve customer challenges in engineering, project management, and operations.

Experience is leveraged from multi-discipline engineering activities in technologies and industries including pressure technology, clean energy, advanced manufacturing, robotics, bioengineering, and digital engineering.

Relationships are leveraged with stakeholders from industry, government and academia in key markets including power, oil and gas, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, and defense.

How it works:

1. Contact us

Send us a message with your project needs and goals.

2. TeleConference

We set up a consultation teleconference to determine challenges, needs, and how we can help.

3. Proposal

Koehr Consulting Group prepares a proposal detailing the solution scope, schedule, and budget.

4. Contract & Work

We mutually agree on a contract, or agreement. Then work starts.