Leverage multi-discipline technical knowledge and cross-industry relationships to solve challenges in engineering, project management, and operations.

30 Years Experience

The Koehr Consulting Group provides multi-discipline engineering, project management, and operations consulting services to address the needs of non-profit, government, and industry customers.

Koehr Consulting Group COO, Brian Koehr, completed a 31-year career as a U.S. Naval Officer and Fighter Pilot, he brings with him extensive leadership and management experience with a background of performance leading teams in dynamic, high-stress environments.

President and CEO, John Koehr, has over 30-years of experience delivering on challenging strategic initiatives.  He has served in leadership roles in non-profit, telecommunications, commercial nuclear power, and the U.S. Navy. 

Koehr Accomplishments


  • Served for 16 years in staff leadership roles at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
  • Led multi-discipline engineering activities in clean energy, pressure technology, advanced manufacturing, robotics, bioengineering, and digital engineering.
  • Engineering Manager certifications including Professional Engineering Manager (PEM) and Engineering Management Certification Professional (EMCP).
  • Project Engineer for spent nuclear fuel dry storage and transportation system design, analysis, licensing, fabrication, and construction.
  • Project and field engineer for full reactor coolant system chemical decontamination and steam generator cleaning projects.
  • Qualified as U.S. Navy Nuclear Engineer Officer.

Project management

  • Oversaw the project management office (PMO) for ASME Standards and Certification research projects. Some notable projects included the Generation IV reactor materials, hydrogen infrastructure, and blast testing of prestressed concrete under impulsive loading.
  • Lead Project Manager for supply of the 8,400-mile South Africa Far East (SAFE) system submarine telecommunications cable system.
  • Project Manager for international licensing, technology transfer, site construction, equipment acceptance, and site operations for dry fuel storage at Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine.


  • Fluency with nearly all aspects of non-profit business operations including volunteer committee and board operations, standards, certification, conferences, learning and development, publishing, media, research, government relations, engineering education, and technical communities.
  • He has demonstrated skills in strategy formulation and execution, translating strategies into operational plans with aligned objectives and initiatives across the enterprise, establishing relevant performance metrics and targets, and mobilizing and managing high-performing cross-functional project teams for strategic initiatives.
  • He has a record of success achieving strategic and operational objectives including consistently exceeding portfolio growth targets, growing and integrating content, engaging with new constituents, and establishing new organizational alliances.

Industry Experience & Relationships

The Koehr Consulting Group applies a unique combination of diverse industry experience and technology expertise to solve customer challenges in engineering, project management, and operations.

Experience is leveraged from multi-discipline engineering activities in technologies and industries including pressure technology, clean energy, advanced manufacturing, robotics, bioengineering, and digital engineering.

Relationships are leveraged with stakeholders from industry, government and academia in key markets including power, oil and gas, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, and defense.


Mission & Business

 Non-profit associations are driven by a higher purpose and mission, but association impact may be limited without sustainable business operations.

 Associations must balance between the mission and the reality of business. Associations aspire to develop impactful products that address constituent needs, advance the mission, and support the business.

 Challenges faced by many associations include articulating a clear membership value proposition that resonates across diverse constituents, creating new products and programs that can both support the mission and fund operations, establishing organizational alliances for mutual benefit, and aligning organizational culture with a clear set of strategic objectives enjoying broad consensus among membership.

Non-profits served include 501(c)3 and 501(c)6 associations, technical societies, membership organizations, and trade organizations.

How we help

The Koehr Consulting Group works with staff and volunteer leadership within non-profit organizations to

  • Formulate and execute strategy
  • Translate strategies into operational plans with aligned objectives and initiatives
  • Establish relevant performance metrics and targets
  • Improve organizational competencies and process efficiencies
  • Build consensus
  • Identify constituent market needs, and engage diverse technical communities.

We help facilitate new product development in traditional areas including standards, certification, conferences, learning and development, publishing, media, research, and government relations.

Success can include
  •  Measurable advancement of the mission, strong staff and volunteer partnership exists
  • Strong engagement of diverse technical communities
  • A clear membership value proposition articulated, resulting in membership growth
  • Long-term business sustainability has been established,
  • Impactful new products and programs that support the mission and generate revenue have been launched
  • Organizational alliances have been established for mutual benefit
  • Organizational culture is aligned to a clear set of strategic objectives
  • New constituencies have been reached due to cross-industry engagement.


Reliability & Stewardship

Government program and technical managers need reliable contractors with whom they can engage under cooperative agreements and grants to execute on important projects.

The Federal government plays a critical role in funding basic research and advancing technology development, demonstration, and deployment.

Federal funding is very tight, and expenditures highly scrutinized, so government program managers must ensure they are good stewards of public funding and that projects lead to measurable impact.

Contractors must share these values and possess integrity and ethics.

Government served includes U.S. Federal agencies, regulators, and national laboratories.

How we help

Koehr Consulting Group works closely with Federal government program and technical managers and contractors to execute technical projects, contracts, budgeting, and reporting.

We interface with regulators, agency staff, and national laboratories and engage multi-discipline cross-industry stakeholders, subject matter experts, and non-government organizations.

Success can include
  • Measurable advancement of technology development to commercialization
  • New regulations have been issued linked to strong technical bases
  • Complementary efforts of non-government organizations have been effectively coordinated with minimal duplication of effort
  • Development of a vibrant workforce progresses
  • Advanced technology is widely adopted among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • The manufacturing infrastructure and supply chain have been enhanced.


ROI & Relevance

Key industries are undergoing significant changes including application of emerging technology promising efficiency and productivity improvements.

All executives and engineering managers need to stay current in industry trends and technology development. Industry has a constant need for effective project management and coordination of multi-discipline engineering activities.

These efforts must have a measurable and demonstrate return on investment. Industry needs to take advantage of lessons learned from other industries.

An aging and retiring workforce have created knowledge transfer concerns for junior staff.

Industries served include power, oil & gas, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, telecommunications, defense.

How we help

Koehr Consulting Group works with industry senior executives, operations managers, and engineering managers to execute engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) projects, establish compliance with standards and regulations, perform design reviews and analysis, and workforce development.

We engage subject matter experts from industries including power, oil and gas, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, and defense.

Success can include
  • Companies can effectively reach out to other industries to fast track solutions and bring in needed resources
  • Improved navigation of the regulatory environment
  • Effective knowledge transfer from senior workforce progresses,
  • Entry level engineers can contribute sooner
  • Multi-discipline groups can better collaborate due to reduced barriers in language, culture, and communication
  • Adoption of transformative digital technologies has advanced.